New video I made for Negative Paper Radio

Negative Paper Radio

Hosted by Ted Sweeney

audiovisual artifact of Negative Paper Assembly

Here’s a video I shot and edited from a script by my buddy Jimmy.

If you like surreal, Lynch-ian type stuff, you might like this.

This is a short segment from Nerd City’s new weekly internet video feature, “Nerd City News”. Each week, a different horror movie will be succinctly and humorously reviewed!

A new piece I made to be included in Nerd City’s brand new weekly internet video segment, “Nerd City News”.



Back us in outfitting a fully-interactive spy supply in our soon-to-be new home at 1276 N. Milwaukee. The campaign officially starts today and we’re hoping to crack $2.5K by midnight. 

I made this video. It’s for a GREAT cause — teaching kids creative writing. If you’re feeling charitable, consider donating.